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As you can see, the site has changed. Over the past few days (and nights), the site has been rebuilt using the latest version of the software, and I have migrated the forum to a completely different, more modern and much more powerful system.

Log in is via the forum. All users and posts have been transferred over, so you can use your existing username, UNLESS you had any spaces in your username in which case these should be replaced by underscores (_). You may encounter a problem with your password as the minimum password length requirement is greater on this system. To update your password you must use the email address you originally signed up with. If you cannot remember this or you no longer have access to it then email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll look into it. I am aware that the registration system for new users had stopped working on the old site - there should be no problems registering now.

The site is very much ‘bare bones’ at the moment. I will work on improving the layout and adding features as time allows, but deemed it more important to get a functional forum up as soon as possible than working on the look and feel of the site. As always, constructive comments about the site are welcome, please add them in the dedicated forum category.