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THE KILLER RETURNS ON BOXING DAY..... 11 months 3 weeks ago #1

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I have been advised that Mick "Killer" Kilduff will be a special guest of the club and attending the boxing day fixture against Warrington Town. A firm fans favourite at the Central Ground during the 80's Killer made his debut for the Albs on 21 August 1982 and made 246 appearances for the club.

Loved for his "no nonsense" defending and rare, but wild, goal celebrations he had red and white blood pumping through his body every time he pulled the Witton shirt on and always epitomised what the club is all about to me. A lovely bloke off the pitch but not one you would have liked to have played against on it!!

Derek/Callum/Matt - can you arrange a brief mention of this on the other websites? Killer was a massive favourite amongst fans in the 80's and it might just get a few stayaways/old skool Wittoners down that can't make it anymore for whatever reason.

Happy Christmas all. Cheers. UTA.
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THE KILLER RETURNS ON BOXING DAY..... 11 months 3 weeks ago #2

One of my big favourites at the Albs what a player won everything in the air hope I get to see him. UTA
Witton Albion for Life UTA
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